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My current strengths and weaknesses

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

In this blog, I will discuss my current strengths and weaknesses and highlight key areas that I need to develop. 

Camera: Canons EOS M50 ~ Photographer: @bluexsingh

By making a short film all by myself, I have come to the realisation that pre-production is as important as production itself and post-production. I value all three stages in the same way, because if one stage goes wrong it will have an effect on the others.

One of the other strengths that I have developed by working in teams in university and outside of the university is my communication. I aim to be as active as possible to make sure any team can rely upon me so that we can deliver high-quality films before our deadlines.

I have taken every opportunity to work with a variety of equipment that is industry standard, like the DSLRs, LED Go and Black Magic cameras. By working with these equipments, my capability of making a high-quality film has increased. 

Currently, my weakest points are audio and editing. I taught myself how to work with iMovie but now am working on mastering Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve. I have no doubt that these weak points will become my strengths at the end of my bachelors.

Alongside my filming skills, I also write and speak fluent English, Nederlands and Punjabi.   

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